Congratulations Summer Scorcher Incentive Winners!

Congratulations to all our FBOs who qualified for the Summer Scorcher Incentive! The Summer Scorcher was an incentive designed to focus on sponsoring Assistant Supervisors, accumulating new CCs from newly sponsored downlines and of course, being active. These requirements help FBOs not only qualify for the incentive but also to build a strong foundation for their business.  Qualifiers of this incentive will be receiving custom marketing materials designed to help them further maximize their business.  FBOs were required to hit these goals within the July 1st-August 31st 2018 timeframe.

Here are the FBOs who were able to make their Summer business sizzle this season and qualify!

Expert Business Builders:
These FBOs have sponsored at least four new Assistant Supervisors where at least two of them sponsored a new Assistant Supervisor and have accumulated 20 or more CCs from all new downlines they have sponsored during the incentive period.

They will receive: Everything the ‘Business Builder’ level is receiving as well a custom made Pop n’ Lock Aloe Vera Company double sided poster and a Forever Living branded sales tent.

Leticia & Panfilo Fonseca
Zulema Madrigal

Business Builders:
These FBOs have personally sponsored two or more new Assistant Supervisors and have accumulated ten or more CCs from all new downlines during the incentive period.

They will receive: A Forever Business Builder Bag, Forever branded pens, Forever branded brochure holders, Forever mini journals and our new Aloe Brochures.

Farida Anand Pereira
Svetlana Gazon
Aleksandr Gazon
Sofia del Carmen Campos
Jesus Sanchez Escobedo
Steven Tobish
Lana Bond
Nina Den Hartog
Juana Andres-Tomas
Kazimiera Harabasz
Rowena Mercado
Lorena Polito Nolazco
Angela M Mota
Raymond & Evelyn Rapadas
Paula Perez
Maria Ramirez Bautista
Gabriel Briceno & Karen Farias
Fraulein Calla Zarate
Solomon Gonzales
Ana Rita Ortiz
Sonia Agni
Rosemaryn Maquiling
Ramiro Sibaja
Alicia Chavez
Anna Perkowski
Antonio Luis Cruzada
Lucia Sofia Santos
Sarah Rose
Maria Patricia Aguilar-Delgado & Federico Castellanos
Virginia Salas Cruz
Gertrude Nkie atabong
Alejandro Orozco
Wilfredo Mercado
Maritza Rodriguez
Sandra Guevara
Tomas Mauricio Sandoval
Melody Gay Igcasenza
Tracey Britton
Noemi Martinez
Vitalina Tercero
Iliana Garza
Earl Garcia & Belle Ty

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